Speos Artemidos (Istabl Antar)

TM Geo 3203

Egypt - 15th Upper Egyptian nome, Hermopolites (El-Ashmumein, El-Qusiya, Meir, El-Minya) (U15) - provincia: Aegyptus - in some periods belonging to the nomos U16 (admin.) - located on the eastern Nile bank near U15 Beni Hasan (TM Geo 414)

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Status sanctuary, building

Greek name(s): Σπέος Ἀρτέμιδος
Latin name(s): Poes Artemidos - Poisarietemidos
Modern name(s): Istabl Antar
Variants: Speos Artemidos - Istabl Antar

Repertoria: Dizionario I 2, p. 220; IV, p. 306-307; Drew-Bear, Hermopolite, 1979, p. 74; p. 260
Biblio: Chang, P. Strasb. Gr. 10, 2014, p. 82
Map: Drew-Bear, Hermopolite, 1979, map 1; Barrington Atlas, 2000, pl. 77 D1; Baines / Málek, Atlas, 2002, p. 121

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TM GeoRef Publication Attestation Material Language Date Provenance
23440P. Hibeh 2 198, 130 - 131[Σπέος?] Ἀρτέμιδοςpapyrus Greek BC03 Egypt, U20 - Herakleopolites (?) [written]
Egypt, 00a - Ptolemais Hormou (El-Lahun), bought [found]
136065P. Strasb. Gr. 10 901, col. 40, 18 [c]Ἀρτε(μιδ-)papyrus Greek AD01 - AD02 Egypt, U15 - Hermopolites [found & written]
87956P. Sarap. 56, 5Ἀρτεμ̣ιδ( )papyrus Greek AD02 Egypt, U15 - Hermopolites [written]
Egypt, U15 - Hermopolis (El-Ashmunein) [found]
124095P. Sarap. 79 b (p. 292-294), col. 1, 3Ἀρτεμ[ιδ]( )papyrus Greek AD02 Egypt, U15 - Hermopolites [written]
Egypt, U15 - Hermopolis (El-Ashmunein) [found]