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Hierakopolis (Kom el-Ahmar)

TM Geo 848

Egypt - 3rd Upper Egyptian nome, Latopolites (Esna, Kom el-Ahmar) (U03) - provincia: Aegyptus

Links: Pleiades, Wikipedia, Digital Atlas of the Roman Empire

Status city: polis

Greek name(s): Ἱεράκων πόλις
Latin name(s): Theraco (?)
Egyptian name(s): Nḫn (Mḫn)
Modern name(s): Kom el-Ahmar
Variants: Hierakopolis (Hierakon Polis / Hierakonpolis) - Nechen ('Landing place') - Kom el-Ahmar

Repertoria: Dizionario III, p. 21 (1); Gauthier, Dictionnaire III, 1926, p. 99
Biblio: Wb 2, 1927, p. 310; Gardiner, AEO 2 (1947), p. 7*-8* no. 320; Adams, LÄ II, 1977, col. 1182-1186; Smith, Enchoria 16 (1988), p. 81; CDD N, 2004, p. 114-115
Map: Rifaud, Carte du cours du Nil, 1830 (Hieraconpolis); Tabula Imperii Romani. Coptos, 1958 (Hieraconpolis / El-Kōm el-Aḥmar); Barrington Atlas, 2000, pl. 80 B3 (Hierakonpolis); Baines / Málek, Atlas, 2002(2), p. 71 (Kom el-Ahmar / Hierakonpolis / Nekhen); Baines / Málek, Atlas, 2002(2), p. 78 (Kom el-Ahmar); NeHet 6 (2018), p. 32 fig. 1 (Hierakonpolis)

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TM GeoRef Publication Attestation Material Language Date Provenance
110780Graff. Med. Habu 44, 6 [b]Nḫnstone Demotic BC01 Egypt, U04b - Memnoneia - Djeme (Thebes west), Medinet Habu [find place, place of writing & preservation]
110781Graff. Med. Habu 44, 13Nḫnstone Demotic BC01 Egypt, U04b - Memnoneia - Djeme (Thebes west), Medinet Habu [find place, place of writing & preservation]
29506Enchoria 16 (1988), p. 79 no. 1, col. 1, 10Mḫnpottery Demotic AD01 Egypt, U01 - Elephantine (Geziret Assuan) (?) [found & written]
98923SB 5 8046, 2Ἱεράκ(ων πόλεως)pottery Greek AD01 Egypt, U03 - Hierakopolis (Kom el-Ahmar) [found & written]