Perusia (Perugia)

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Italy (Etruria) - provincia: Etruria (Regio VII) - modern region: Umbria - located in the provincia di Perugia (geogr.)

23 reference(s) to Perusia in documentary sources

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TM GeoRefTM idPublicationAttestationMaterialLanguage DateProvenanceDetail Status Location Admin. situation Biblio Note
144362561751I. Aquileiae 2 2114, 4Perus[ia]stone?Latin BC02 - AD08Italy, Venetia - Aquileia [found & written]locative (abl.)?
168076260977Inscriptiones Italiae XIII.1 7, (BC 41) 2Per[usino]stone (limestone)Latin BC01 - AD01Italy, Picenum - Cupra Maritima (Cupra Marittima) [found & written]'the war of Perusia'adjective
149349504622CIL XI.1 1923 [e] descr., 3Perusiastone (travertine)Latin BC01 - AD01Italy, Etruria - Perusia (Perugia) [found & written]nominativus
229947706046Année épigraphique 2010 437 [a], 3Perusiastone (travertine)Latin BC01 - AD01Italy, Etruria - Perusia (Perugia) [found & written]nominativus
229948706047Année épigraphique 2010 437 [b], 3Perusiastone (travertine)Latin BC01 - AD01Italy, Etruria - Perusia (Perugia) [found & written]nominativus
229949706064Année épigraphique 2010 437 [c], 3Perusiastone (travertine)Latin BC01 - AD01Italy, Etruria - Perusia (Perugia) [found & written]nominativus
229950706069Année épigraphique 2010 437 [d], 3Perusiastone (travertine)Latin BC01 - AD01Italy, Etruria - Perusia (Perugia) [found & written]nominativus
156057247486Horster, Bauinschriften römischer Kaiser p. 324-325 no. VII 7, 2Perusini[s?]stone (marble)Latin BC01 - AD01Italy, Etruria - Perusia (Perugia) [found & written]ethnicon (group)
143226504629CIL XI.1 1929, 1 - 2Augusta PerusiastoneLatin AD01Italy, Etruria - Perusia (Perugia) [found & written]nominativus
143227504630CIL XI.1 1930, 1colonia Vibia Augusta PerusiastoneLatin AD01Italy, Etruria - Perusia (Perugia) [found & written]colonia (apposition)*
151149272593CIL VI.1 2596, 3d(omo) Perusiastone (travertine)Latin AD01Italy, Latium - Rome [found & written]origo (domo + abl.)
151599263465CIL VI.4.3 37965, 4Perusinastone (marble)Latin AD01Italy, Latium - Rome [found & written]ethnicon
203715289668I. Aquileiae 2 2849, 3PerusiastoneLatin AD01Italy, Venetia - Marignane [found & written]origo
149030288143CIL XI.2.1 5624, 2PerusiastoneLatin AD01 - AD02Italy, Umbria - Plestia (Santa Maria di Pistia) [found & written]ablativus (ab)
157992562056I. Aquileiae 2 2843, 3d(omo) Perusi[a]stone?Latin AD01 - AD02Italy, Venetia - Aquileia [found & written]origo (domo)
187192274064CIL VI.4.3 37192, 3Peru(sia)stone (marble)Latin AD02Italy, Latium - Rome [found & written]origo
185130127051CIL VI.4.2 32515, fr. b, 3Perusiastone (marble)Latin AD02Italy, Latium - Rome [found & written]origo
185137127051CIL VI.4.2 32515, fr. b, 14Perusiastone (marble)Latin AD02Italy, Latium - Rome [found & written]origo
42527112709I. Alex. Imp. 102, col. 4, 13Perusiostone (marble)Latin AD02Egypt, L00 - Nikopolis (Sidi Gaber) [found & written]'... from Perusia'origo
171845504623CIL XI.1 1924, 26Perusinor(um)stone (marble)Latin AD02Italy, Etruria - Perusia (Perugia) [found & written]ethnicon (group)
191982504623CIL XI.1 1924, 2Augustae Perusiaestone (marble)Latin AD02Italy, Etruria - Perusia (Perugia) [found & written]locative (gen.)
165833198730Année épigraphique 1993 1584, 6civis PerusinusstoneLatin AD03Syria, Apameia (Qala’at el-Medik) [found & written]civis + adj. congr.
156061511284Epigraphica 70 (2008), p. 143, 6 - 7August[a]ni PerusinistoneLatin AD03Italy, Etruria - Perusia (Perugia) [found & written]ethnicon (group)