Gemellae (Mlili)

TM Geo id: 17996

more info: Pleiades, Talbert Peutinger, Digital Atlas of the Roman Empire

Algeria (Numidia) - provincia: Numidia

5 reference(s) to Gemellae in documentary sources

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TM GeoRefTM idPublicationAttestationMaterialLanguage DateProvenanceDetail Status Location Admin. situation Biblio Note
142307328386ILAlgérie 2.1 774, 1CemellensespotteryLatin BC02 - AD07Algeria, Numidia - Cirta (Constantine) [found & written]ethnicon (group)
146960329196CIL VIII Suppl. 2 18218, 2 - 3res p(ublica) Gemellens(ium)stone?Latin BC02 - AD07Algeria, Numidia - Lambaesis (Tazoult-Lambèse) [found & written]res publica + adj. gen. pl.
162236323171CIL VIII Suppl. 2 17950, 5 - 6municipi Gemel(lensium)stone?Latin BC02 - AD07Algeria, Numidia - Zaouia [found & written]municipium + adj. gen. pl.
181511323200CIL VIII Suppl. 2 17976, 6 - 7Gemell(as)stone?Latin BC02 - AD07Algeria, Numidia - Gemellae (Mlili) [found & written]direction (acc.)
154247205300Année épigraphique 1946 39, 9 - 10res publ(ica) munic(ipi) Gemellensiu[m]stoneLatin AD03Algeria, Numidia - Lambaesis (Tazoult-Lambèse) [found & written]res publica + municipium + adj. gen. pl.*obsolete readings: munic(ipum); munic(ipium)