Gesoriacum (Boulogne-sur-Mer)

TM Geo id: 18965

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France (Gallia) - provincia: Belgica - modern region: Hauts-de-France - located in the territory of the Morini (TM Geo 20723); in the département Pas-de-Calais (geogr.)

4 reference(s) to Gesoriacum in documentary sources

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TM GeoRefTM idPublicationAttestationMaterialLanguage DateProvenanceDetail Status Location Admin. situation Biblio Note
231745384326Inscriptiones Latinae selectae (ILS) 3.2 9463, 1[Β]ονωνίαςstone (marble)Greek AD01Turkey, Phrygia - Aizanoi (Çavdarhisar) [find place, place of writing & preservation]'Brought in from Bononia in Gallia, a letter of Tiberius Caesar. Tiberius Caesar to the boule (and) demos of (the) Aizanitai, greetings.'GalliaKorneman, Klio 9 (1909), p. 427-430
231855208720Année épigraphique 1983 720, 4Geserecan[us]stone (limestone)Latin AD02 - AD03Netherlands, Gallia - Zierikzee, near [found]
Netherlands, Gallia - Ganuenta (Colijnsplaat) [written]
'To the goddess Nehallenia, [ ] Valerius Mar[ ], merchant (negotiator) of Cantium [and (?)] of Gesoriacum [ ], for (his) merchandises that were well preserved.'ethnicon
232782786017Jahrbuch für Numismatik und Geldgeschichte 9 (1958), p. 181, Obv. [a]Bononia Ocianen(sis)metal (silver)Latin AD04Italy, Latium - Rome (?) [found & written]'Bononia at the Ocean'nominativusGallia
223042460340CIL XIII.1.2 p. 41* no. 385*, 3ex natione GessoriacistoneLatin AD17 - AD19France, Gallia - Frencq [found & written]'Lucina, by birth (ex natione) of Gesoriacum of the Morini' [a fake inscription]origo (natione + gen.)*