TM Geo id: 31595

Italy (Transpadana) - provincia: Transpadana (Regio XI) - modern region: Lombardia - located near Mediolanum (Milano) (TM Geo 3308); in the provincia di Varese (geogr.)

4 texts found or written in Morazzone

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TM idPublicationRelationMaterialLanguage DateProvenance
286214CIL V.2 5595 b[found & written]stone (granite, Baveno)Latin AD01Italy, Transpadana - Morazzone [found & written]
286215CIL V.2 5595 a[found & written]stone (granite, Baveno)Latin AD01Italy, Transpadana - Morazzone [found & written]
500501CIL V.2 5596[found & written]stone (granite)Latin AD01Italy, Transpadana - Morazzone [found & written]
500500CIL V.2 5594[found & written]stone?Latin AD01Italy, Transpadana - Morazzone [found & written]