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TM GeoRef id TM Geo id Publication and line TM id TM Authorwork id Date [▲] Provenance Language [▲] Attested Name [▲] Name Standard [▲] TM Geo id Full name Administrative situation Status Detail Biblio Note
80661 2901 P. Oxy. 20 2278, 1AD 225 - 275Egypt, U19 - Oxyrynchos (Bahnasa) [found & written]GreekΣκωΣκωU19 - Sko
80662 1524 P. Oxy. 20 2278, 3AD 225 - 275Egypt, U19 - Oxyrynchos (Bahnasa) [found & written]Greek[τῆς] Ὀξ(υρυγχιτῶν) πόλεωςἡ Ὀξυρυγχιτῶν πόλιςU19 - Oxyrynchos (Bahnasa)polis + adj. gen. pl.