Places (GEO and GEOREF)

Currently 59327 place records (GEO) and 229529 place attestation records (GEOREF).

A database of places related to the ancient world

Based on the foundations of the Fayum Project (Graeco-Roman Egypt) of the KULeuven and the project Multilingualism and Multiculturalism in Graeco-Roman Egypt of Cologne University.

Fully reworked in a project sponsored by the Hercules Foundation.

Expanded to places outside Egypt in the framework of the CIP Europeana EAGLE project.

General coordination (Trismegistos):Mark Depauw, Herbert Verreth
General coordination (Fayum Project):Willy Clarysse, Katelijn Vandorpe
Database structure (Filemaker 12-14):Mark Depauw, Tom Gheldof
Database structure (Filemaker 7-11):Bart Van Beek
Online version (PHP & MySQL):Jeroen Clarysse, Bart Van Beek, Mark Depauw, Tom Gheldof
Data processing (Fayum Project):Bart Van Beek; formerly Hans Proost, Inge Uytterhoeven
Data processing (Trismegistos):Herbert Verreth