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GEO 4347 = Egypt, U04b - Chesebaieon = Chesebaieon - Herakleion - Per-Chonsou ('House / temple of Chonsou') - Per-Chonsou-neb-aha-m-Waset ('House of Chonsou lord of life-span in Waset') - Per-Chonsou-neb-aha-n-Nout ('House of Chonsou lord of life-span in Thebes') - Per-Chonsou-m-Waset Nefer-hotep ('House of Chonsou in Waset Nephotes')
GEO 576 = Egypt, U04b - Dios Polis (Thebes east) = Dios Polis (Diospolis) (he) Megale (Magna) - Thebai - Nout (No) ('(The) city (of Amon)') - Iounou-Shema ('Southern Heliopolis' / 'Heliopolis of Upper Egypt') - Thebes east - sites including Luxor (El-Uqsur); Karnak
GEO 5484 = Egypt, U04b - Libya = Libye (Libya) - N-awiou-n-per-imenti-Nout ('The quarters in the west (of) Thebes')
GEO 1690 = Egypt, U04b - Peri Thebas = Peri Thebas - N-awiou-n-Nout ('The quarters of Thebes') - Pagarchia of Dios Polis
GEO 5172 = Egypt, U - T-shedit-resi = T-shedit-resi ('The southern district') (Taschetres - Tascetares - Tshetres - Tchetres) - T-shedit-resi-Nout ('The district south of Thebes')
GEO 1341 = Egypt, U04b - Memnoneia - Djeme (Thebes west) = ta Memnoneia (Memnonea - Memnonia) - Djeme (Djema - Zemi) - Gebel Shama - Thebes west - sites including Qamula; El-Tarif (Gebel Tarif); (New) Gurna (Qurna); Dra' Abu el-Naga (with Deir el-Bakhit (el-Bachit)); Asasif (Assasif); Deir el-Bahari (el-Bahri) (with the Monastery of Apa Phoibammon / Apa Phoibammonos Topos and Bab el-Gasus); El-Khokha; Sheikh Abd el-Gurna (with the Monastery of Epiphanios and the Monastery of Kyriakos (TT 65)); Ramesseum; Deir el-Medina; Qurnet Mura'i (Qurnat Mar'y) (with the Monastery of Saint Marcus / Abba Markou Topos / Topos of Saint Marcus); Colossi of Memnon; Medinet Habu; Qasr el-Aguz; Malkata (El-Malqata); El-Kom; Deir el-Shelwit (Deir Chelouit); El-Bai'rat; Nag' el-Tud; Valley of the Kings / Syringes (Wadi / Biban el-Muluk); Valley of the Queens (Biban el-Harim) (with Deir el-Rumi); Wadi of Prince Ahmes; Tomb of Amenemope (TT 29); Tomb of Padihorresnet (TT 196); Tomb of Puyemre; Monastery of Apa Paulus; Monastery of Apa Menas; Tomb of Ahmose (TT 121); Wadi Gabbanat el-Gurud (el-Qurud); El-Qurn
GEO 2354 = Greece, Boeotia - Thebai = Thebai (Thebae - Thivai - Thebes) - Kabeireion (Kabeirion) - Hagioi Theodoroi - Hagios Loukas - Kolonaki
GEO 2982 = Egypt, U - Thebais = Thebais - Thebaios Nomos - P-tesh-n-Nout ('The district / nomos of Thebes')
GEO 52460 = Turkey, Troas - Thebe = Thebe - Thebes Pedion
GEO 2355 = Egypt, U04b - Thebes = Thebes
GEO 7740 = Egypt, U02 - Tsenane = Tsenane (Tsenene) ('The place of the (people of) Thebes')