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7104 place(s) in Egypt

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For placename attestations in Egypt, Trismegistos is almost complete. Elsewhere only Latin inscriptions are covered.

Total number of attestations as place name or provenance: 141733

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TM Geo Place Status Provincia Region #
1341Memnoneia - Djeme (Thebes west)village: kome; quarter; districtAegyptusUpper Egypt21097
1524Oxyrynchos (Bahnasa)city: polis; metropolis; civitasAegyptusUpper Egypt15308
2355ThebesAegyptusUpper Egypt7392
576Dios Polis (Thebes east)city: polis; metropolis; nout; demiAegyptusUpper Egypt7047
816Hermopolis (El-Ashmunein)city: polis; metropolis; civitasAegyptusUpper Egypt5642
621Elephantine (Geziret Assuan)island (on the Nile): nesos; insula; city: polis; metropolis; demi; urbsAegyptusUpper Egypt3614
2720Hermopolitesdistrict: nomos; tesh; pagarchiaAegyptusUpper Egypt2780
2722Oxyrynchitesdistrict: nomos; tesh; pagarchiaAegyptusUpper Egypt2489
269Apollonopolis (Edfu)city: polisAegyptusUpper Egypt2443
34Abydoscity: polis; civitasAegyptusUpper Egypt2285
2713Herakleopolitesdistrict: nomos; tesh; pagarchia; nesosAegyptusUpper Egypt2172
2774Antinoopolis (El-Sheikh Ibada)city: polis; metropolis; kallipolis; ptoliethronAegyptusUpper Egypt2164
237Aphrodito (Kom Ishgau)city: polis; metropolis; village: kome; demiAegyptusUpper Egypt2083
2820SohagAegyptusUpper Egypt2041
1628Pathyris (Gebelein)city: polis; oppidum; village: kome; demiAegyptusUpper Egypt1998
2207Syene (Assuan)city: polis; urbs; civitas; district: toparchiaAegyptusUpper Egypt1827
1767Philaiisland (on the Nile): nesos; city: polisAegyptusUpper Egypt1712
1589Panopolis (Akhmim)city: polis; metropolis; kallipolis; civitas; district: toparchiaAegyptusUpper Egypt1592
812Hermonthis (Armant)city: polis; metropolis; noutAegyptusUpper Egypt1490
2843Wadi Sargariver: wadiAegyptusUpper Egypt1472
10454Abba Apollotos Monasterion (Bawit)monasterion; hagios toposAegyptusUpper Egypt1363
801Herakleopolis (Ihnasya el-Medina)city: polis; urbs; civitas; oppidum; metropolisAegyptusUpper Egypt1304
37019Pagus 1-18district: pagus; toparchiaAegyptusUpper Egypt1250
2766Upper Egyptarea: choraAegyptusUpper Egypt1186
2982Thebaisregion; district: nomos; tesh; eparchia; provinciaAegyptusUpper Egypt1154
2983Charaxquarter, street: lauraAegyptusUpper Egypt1092
2834Deir el-BershaAegyptusUpper Egypt813
1690Peri Thebasdistrict: toparchia; topos; nomos; pagarchia; tesh (?); keh (?)AegyptusUpper Egypt708
1159Koptos (Qift)city: polis; metropolisAegyptusUpper Egypt686
2312Tentyris (Dendera)city: polis; civitas; metropolisAegyptusUpper Egypt650
182Ankyropolis (El-Hiba)city: polis; civitas; village: komeAegyptusUpper Egypt648
2309Tenis - Hakoris (Tehna)village: kome; polisAegyptusUpper Egypt614
471Bousiris (Abusir el-Meleq)village: kome; chorionAegyptusUpper Egypt580
1281Kerameia - Madou (Nag’ el-Madamud)villageAegyptusUpper Egypt540
3101Agoraiquarter: agoraAegyptusUpper Egypt491
2767El-AmarnacityAegyptusUpper Egypt458
1271Lykopolis (Assiut)city: polis; metropolis; demiAegyptusUpper Egypt418
2023Ptolemais Hermeiou (El-Mansha)city: polis; metropolis; civitasAegyptusUpper Egypt405
3025Apa Apollo Monasterion (Deir el-Bala’izah)monasterion; petraAegyptusUpper Egypt387
3208Notosquarter, street: lauraAegyptusUpper Egypt353
3002Bompaevillage: komeAegyptusUpper Egypt329
2985Apis (Luxor)village; later quarterAegyptusUpper Egypt317
2719Panopolitesdistrict: nomos; keh; tesh (?); pagarchiaAegyptusUpper Egypt316
699Gebel el-SilsilaareaAegyptusUpper Egypt308
2800Middle EgyptregionAegyptusUpper Egypt296
611Eileithyiopolis (El-Kab)city: polisAegyptusUpper Egypt293
188Antaiopolis (Qaw el-Kebir)city: polis; metropolis; village: komeAegyptusUpper Egypt290
2409Tholthis [Kato] (Talt)village: komeAegyptusUpper Egypt279
3020Antaiopolitesdistrict: nomos; pagarchiaAegyptusUpper Egypt263
2769Ammonieionsanctuary, building: per; village: komeAegyptusUpper Egypt239