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13483 place(s) in Egypt

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For placename attestations in Egypt, Trismegistos is almost complete. Elsewhere only Latin inscriptions are covered.

Total number of attestations as place name or provenance: 319235

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TM Geo Place Status Provincia Region #
49Egyptregion; modern countryAegyptusN/A39581
1341Memnoneia - Djeme (Thebes west)village: kome; quarter; districtAegyptusUpper Egypt21608
1524Oxyrynchos (Bahnasa)city: polis, metropolis, civitasAegyptusUpper Egypt15782
332Arsinoites (Fayum)district: nomos; tesh; pagarchia; kuratAegyptusFayum15360
2287Tebtynis (Umm el-Baragat)village: kome, chorion, demiAegyptusFayum13390
2355ThebesAegyptusUpper Egypt8064
100Alexandriacity: polis, metropolis, megalopolis (megale polis), civitas, urbs, oppidumAegyptusLower Egypt7533
576Dios Polis (Thebes east)city: polis, metropolis, nout, demiAegyptusUpper Egypt7219
816Hermopolis (El-Ashmunein)city: polis, metropolis, civitasAegyptusUpper Egypt6272
1344Memphiscity: polis, metropolis, asty, demi, oppidum, civitasAegyptusLower Egypt5717
1760Philadelpheia (Gharabet el-Gerza)village: kome, polis, epoikion, demi, vicusAegyptusFayum4618
1008Karanis (Kom Aushim)village: kome, chorion; vicusAegyptusFayum4486
621Elephantine (Geziret Assuan)island (on the Nile): nesos, insula; city: polis, metropolis, demi, urbsAegyptusUpper Egypt3964
2157Soknopaiou Nesos (Dimeh)village: kome, demi; nesos, maiAegyptusFayum3935
327Krokodilopolis (Medinet el-Fayum)city: polis, metropolis, nout, civitas, oppidumAegyptusFayum3891
2349Theadelpheia (Batn el-Harit)village: kome, epoikionAegyptusFayum3032
2720Hermopolitesdistrict: nomos; tesh; pagarchiaAegyptusUpper Egypt3019
2722Oxyrynchitesdistrict: nomos; tesh; pagarchiaAegyptusUpper Egypt2640
269Apollonopolis (Edfu)city: polisAegyptusUpper Egypt2513
34Abydoscity: polis, civitasAegyptusUpper Egypt2387
2713Herakleopolitesdistrict: nomos; tesh; pagarchia; nesosAegyptusUpper Egypt2317
2774Antinoopolis (El-Sheikh Ibada)city: polis, metropolis, kallipolis, ptoliethronAegyptusUpper Egypt2255
10454Abba Apollotos Monasterion (Bawit)monastery: monasterion; oros; topos; hagios topos; lauraAegyptusUpper Egypt2216
237Aphrodito (Kom Ishgau)city: polis, metropolis; village: kome, demiAegyptusUpper Egypt2154
2820SohagAegyptusUpper Egypt2059
1628Pathyris (Gebelein)city: polis, oppidum; village: kome, demiAegyptusUpper Egypt2021
2207Syene (Assuan)city: polis, urbs, civitas; district: toparchiaAegyptusUpper Egypt1740
1767Philaiisland (on the Nile): nesos; city: polisAegyptusUpper Egypt1722
1589Panopolis (Akhmim)city: polis, metropolis, kallipolis, civitas; district: toparchiaAegyptusUpper Egypt1653
2783Claudianus Monsstation; well: hydreuma; fons; mountain: mons; quarry: metallonAegyptusEastern desert1581
2711Abu MenavillageAegyptusWestern coast1558
812Hermonthis (Armant)city: polis, metropolis, noutAegyptusUpper Egypt1550
2843Wadi Sargariver: wadiAegyptusUpper Egypt1472
788Herakleidou Merisdistrict: meris; denit; parsAegyptusFayum1460
801Herakleopolis (Ihnasya el-Medina)city: polis, urbs, civitas, oppidum, metropolisAegyptusUpper Egypt1354
2766Upper Egyptarea: choraAegyptusUpper Egypt1303
1424Naukratis (Kom Gajef)city: polis, civitas, demi; emporionAegyptusLower Egypt1278
37019Pagus 1-18district: pagus; toparchiaAegyptusUpper Egypt1251
2982Thebaisregion; district: nomos; tesh; eparchia; provinciaAegyptusUpper Egypt1201
2733Trimithis (Amheida)village: kome; city: polis; camp: castra; pagusAegyptusWestern desert, Oasis Magna1130
2983Charaxquarter, street: lauraAegyptusUpper Egypt1109
1421Narmouthis (Medinet Madi)village: kome, chorionAegyptusFayum1078
1882Polemonos Merisdistrict: meris; denitAegyptusFayum1071
2761Kysis (Dush)village: kome; district: toparchiaAegyptusWestern desert, Oasis Magna1005
2366Themistou Merisdistrict: meris; denitAegyptusFayum872
392Bakchias (Kom el-Atl)village: komeAegyptusFayum871
2834Deir el-BershaAegyptusUpper Egypt816
2762Kellis (Ismant el-Kharab)village: komeAegyptusWestern desert, Oasis Magna797
675Euhemeria (Qasr el-Banat)village: komeAegyptusFayum782