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232 place(s) in Italy

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For placename attestations in Egypt, Trismegistos is almost complete. Elsewhere only Latin inscriptions are covered.

Total number of attestations as place name or provenance: 6192

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TM Geo Place Status Provincia Region #
14364Pisaurum (Pesaro)city: colonia; civitasUmbria (Regio VI)Umbria749
32248Spoletium (Spoleto)cityUmbria (Regio VI)Umbria430
3363Asisium (Assisi)city: municipiumUmbria (Regio VI)Umbria364
11849Ameria (Amelia)cityUmbria (Regio VI)Umbria358
14400Mevania (Bevagna)city: municipiumUmbria (Regio VI)Umbria310
32241Sarsinacity: municipiumUmbria (Regio VI)Umbria242
14401Interamna Nahars (Terni)city: municipium; civitasUmbria (Regio VI)Umbria239
11852Iguvium (Gubbio)cityUmbria (Regio VI)Umbria236
14368Suasa (Castelleone di Suasa)cityUmbria (Regio VI)Umbria232
14363Tuder (Todi)city: colonia; civitasUmbria (Regio VI)Umbria231
32203Fanum Fortunae (Fano)city: coloniaUmbria (Regio VI)Umbria230
14396Hispellum (Spello)city: colonia; civitas; urbsUmbria (Regio VI)Umbria208
32244Sentinum (Sassoferrato)Umbria (Regio VI)Umbria185
32219Ocriculum (Otricoli)city: municipium; colonia; civitasUmbria (Regio VI)Umbria158
32265Urvinum Mataurense (Urbino)Umbria (Regio VI)Umbria149
32217Narnia (Narni)city: civitasUmbria (Regio VI)Umbria142
32197Carsulae (San Gemini)city: municipiumUmbria (Regio VI)Umbria124
14397Fulginiae (Foligno)cityUmbria (Regio VI)Umbria107
14366Sestinum (Sestino)cityUmbria (Regio VI)Umbria98
32263Urvinum Hortense (Collemancio)cityUmbria (Regio VI)Umbria97
32207Forum Sempronii (Fossombrone)city: forumUmbria (Regio VI)Umbria88
32264Vettona (Bettona)cityUmbria (Regio VI)Umbria81
14369FabrianoUmbria (Regio VI)Umbria53
32152Tifernum Tiberinum (Città di Castello)Umbria (Regio VI)Umbria53
13620Umbriaregion; district: regioUmbria (Regio VI)Umbria45
32212Matilica (Matelica)city: municipiumUmbria (Regio VI)Umbria43
33200Vicus Martis (Santa Maria in Pantano)village: vicusUmbria (Regio VI)Umbria43
14399Trebiae (Trevi)cityUmbria (Regio VI)Umbria38
32167Aesis (Jesi)city: coloniaUmbria (Regio VI)Umbria37
32190Camerinum (Camerino)city: municipiumUmbria (Regio VI)Umbria33
32256Tuficum (Borgo Tufico)city: municipiumUmbria (Regio VI)Umbria33
32237Pitinum Pisaurense (Macerata Feltria)city: municipiumUmbria (Regio VI)Umbria32
14398Plestia (Santa Maria di Pistia)cityUmbria (Regio VI)Umbria29
32218Nuceria Camellaria (Nocera Umbra)Umbria (Regio VI)Umbria27
32242Sena Gallica (Senigallia)city: civitasUmbria (Regio VI)Umbria27
32188Attidium (Attiggio)city: municipiumUmbria (Regio VI)Umbria26
32287MacerataUmbria (Regio VI)Umbria24
32251San Lorenzo in CampoUmbria (Regio VI)Umbria24
31639Pitinum Mergens (Pian di Valeria)Umbria (Regio VI)Umbria23
32253Tifernum Mataurense (Sant'Angelo in Vado)Umbria (Regio VI)Umbria22
42801Flaminiadistrict: regio; provinciaUmbria (Regio VI)Umbria19
32155MontefalcoUmbria (Regio VI)Umbria19
45644Cesano di SenigalliaUmbria (Regio VI)Umbria18
23509Ostra (Ostra Vetere)city: municipiumUmbria (Regio VI)Umbria17
32267UrbaniaUmbria (Regio VI)Umbria17
32236CagliUmbria (Regio VI)Umbria16
32257AlbacinaUmbria (Regio VI)Umbria13
32175Arna (Civitella d'Arna)city: municipiumUmbria (Regio VI)Umbria12
32206Forum Flaminii (San Giovanni Profiamma)city: forum; village: vicusUmbria (Regio VI)Umbria11
32238PiandimeletoUmbria (Regio VI)Umbria11