Specific places (to search for places attestations, click here)

If you are looking for a specific place, you need our database of Places (Trismegistos Places or GEO), available here. To access this, you can use the Trismegistos Geo_ID's, stable id's which are randomly assigned to individual places or locations: see the grey menubar to the left under 'Quicksearch'. If you do not know the Geo_ID, the easiest way to find it is probably to use the 'Quicksearch' for Places left. Selecting the exact place in the result list will lead you to a detail page for the specific place, where you can access the texts that were found or written in that place, or the attestations where that place is mentioned in texts or authors.

Sets of places answering to criteria

If you are looking for a set of places answering to specific criteria, e.g. places in Pisidia or villages in the Egyptian Fayum, you can use the search form below.