Chronological graph: Geminus

The above graph is based on name occurrences in Greek texts dated to a single century included in the Duke Databank of Documentary Papyri (state of October 2008). It renders the relative frequency (expressed in %) of all variants of this name amongst all name attestations in these texts, not taking any prosopographical identifications into account.

The table below gives the absolute number of name attestations per century. This number is the total of all name attestations in texts which can be ascribed reliably to one single century. It does not include name attestations in texts which are dated to a period spanning several centuries.

Century Number of texts
BC 3 24,475
BC 2 25,092
BC 1 9,357
AD 1 39,234
AD 2 111,072
AD 3 47,275
AD 4 31,199
AD 5 7,185
AD 6 21,641
AD 7 8,724
AD 8 6,217