Provenance Graph: Ephonychos

The above graph is based on name occurrences in Greek texts dated to a single century included in the Duke Databank of Documentary Papyri (state of October 2008). It renders the relative frequency (expressed in %) of all variants of this name amongst all name attestations in these texts, not taking any prosopographical identifications into account.

The table below gives the absolute number of texts per nome/region. This number is the total of all texts which can be ascribed reliably to one single nome/region.

Nome Number of texts
Alexandria 5,045
Delta 7,685
Memphites (Memphis) 4,605
Arsinoites (Fayyum) 158,806
Herakleopolites (Inhnasya el-Medina) 12,873
Oxyrynchites (el-Bahnasa) 47,260
Hermopolites (el-Ashmunein) 30,040
Aphroditopolites (Kom Ishgau) 10,578
Panopolites (Akhmim) 8,767
Peri Thebas (Theban Region) 24,924
Pathyrites (Gebelein) 4,778
Apollonopolites (Edfu) 3,380
ombites (Elephantine) 6,490
Eastern Desert 3,892
Western Desert 5,542