What changes on 1 January 2020?

What will become reserved for subscribers?

All visualizations: you will have an immediate survey of the results through pie charts (or tables), maps, word clouds and timelines.

Complex searches: you will be able to search using multiple search criteria, and you will be able to finetune the results using the charts or tables.

Sorting: you can sort the data in any way you like, rather than having the standard order based on our IDs.

The central search: the new search field on the homepage will provide easy access to the whole of Trismegistos, also allowing complex searches that were not possible before.

Exporting: you will be able to export the results from your search.

Customizing: individual subscribers will be able to tailor some of their interaction with TM to their personal taste. In a first instance you can make tables the default option instead of pie charts and word clouds, but we are are planning other features such as storing your searches; the default addition of certain searchterms to your search; an overruleable restriction to e.g. LDAB texts or inscriptions; or a customized CSS, e.g. a larger font or black-and-white layout.

What will remain accessible to non-subscribers?

The detail pages with information, although without visualization.

Simple searches for a single criterion will remain possible. So you will be able to find information about Elephantine, but not finetune this to 'papyri only'. Similarly, TM Words will give you a list of attestations of a word, but you will not be able to limit the attestations to 'genitive' or 'singular' only.

The APIs will remain accessible.

Can we guarantee that the functionality accessible to non-subscribers will remain accessible forever?

The above describes the situation on January 1 2020. We do not want to, but should the financial situation force us, Trismegistos can further reduce functionality for non-subscribers. The only thing that we absolutely guarantee, for as long as we can pay for a server (even this is currently not self-evident), is that users who have the numerical TM identifiers (i.e. our stable identifiers such as TM Geo 269) will be able to access the basic detail information necessary for their identification.