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TM Language id: 30

Language family and branch: Indo-European, Graeco-Phrygian

Link(s): Glottolog, Wikipedia (language), Wikipedia (script), PHI, DDbDP (PN), HGV

Greek does not need much introduction as one of the main languages and scripts of the ancient world.

In Trismegistos the term is only used for alphabetical texts and does not cover Linear B nor Cypriot syllabic. Trismegistos should have almost all Greek (alphabetical) manuscripts and papyri up to the year AD 800, but will lack many inscriptions on stone and other hard materials, although we are currently working on that and there is a fair amount of coverage for all places except Asia Minor.

Stable URI (with TM Language ID): www.trismegistos.org/language/30

184178 attestations of texts with this language / script (manuscript limitations: -800 to 800)

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