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TM Language id: 33

Language family and branch: Afro-Asiatic, Egyptian

Link(s): Glottolog, Wikipedia (script)

Hieroglyphic is the name for the traditional iconic script used to write down Ancient Egyptian, mainly on stone but also on papyrus (often then using so-called cursive hieroglyphs).

Trismegistos has many post-BC 800 hieroglyphic texts, but cannot claim any exhaustivity. Temple texts are almost completely missing, and so will be many statues and stelae. Ushebtis and amulets are excluded altogether for the time being. Except for papyri and ostraca, where we work together with the project Altägyptische Kursivtexten (AKU) in Mainz, there are almost no texts pre-dating BC 800.

Stable URI (with TM Language ID): www.trismegistos.org/language/33

7765 attestations of texts with this language / script

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