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LDAB ID: 4015

P. Oxy. 31 2536 (Turner, Eric Gardner)

TM nr: 62825
LDAB id: 4015
Catalogues: Mertens-Pack 1498.2
Snell P42 = Uebel 1375
Publication: P. Oxy. 31 2536 (Turner, Eric Gardner; 1966; )

Other publications:
Authorname: Theon on Pindarus
Book: commentary on the Pythian Odes, with end title
Quotations: Euripides
Attested Authors: Theon grammaticus, Opus incertum with end title (1. Direct attestation)
Pindarus, Pythian odes (4. Commented upon)
Euripides, Opus incertum (2. Quoted)
Euripides, Oedipus (2. Quoted)
Provenance: Egypt, U19 - Oxyrynchos (Bahnasa) [found]
Egypt, U19 - Oxyrynchos (Bahnasa) (?) [written]
Inventory: Oxford, Sackler Library, Papyrology Rooms P. Oxy. 2536
Century: AD02
Date: AD 100 - 199
Material: papyrus
Bookform: roll
Recto-verso: Ro
Columns: 2
Pagination: 0
Language/script: Greek
Script_type: informal hand
Culture: literature, science
Genre: poetry, lyric + philology, commentary
Religion: classical
Stud Paleo Gr:
Stud Literature: K. Treu, Serta Turyniana (1974), p. 62-85; L. Cadili, ZPE 145 (2003), p. 13-18; McNamee, Annotations (ASP 45, 2007), p. 349-349 no. 1498.2; V. Liapis, TAPA 144 (2014, p.315-316
Photo: P. Oxy. 31 pl.III; Turner-Parsons, Greek Manuscripts no.61; H.-J. Martin – J. Vezin, Mise en page et mise en texte du livre manuscrit, 1990, p. 42
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