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stable url (with TM number): www.trismegistos.org/text/66938
LDAB ID: 8188

Lowe, CLA 6 768 (Lowe, Elias Avery)

TM nr: 66938
LDAB id: 8188
Catalogues: B. Bischoff Katalog der festländischen Handschriften des 9. Jahrhunderts II 2004 p. 88 no. 2338
Publication: Lowe, CLA 6 768 (Lowe, Elias Avery; 1953; image, description)

Other publications: Bischoff, Katalog der festländischen Handschriften des 9. Jahrhunderts 2 2338 (p. 88) (Bischoff, Bernhard; 2004; )

Authorname: Old Testament; New Testament, Marcus, Mattheus, Lucas, Johannes evang.
Book: psalms, gospels Mc Mt Lc Joh
Attested Authors: Testamentum vetus (Vulgata, Hieronymus), Testamentum vetus completum (1. Direct attestation)
Testamentum novum (Vulgata, Hieronymus), Testamentum novum completum (1. Direct attestation)
Provenance: France, Gallia - Cenabum (Orléans) (?) [written] or Fleury (3264) (?)
Inventory: Le Puy-en-Velay, Cathédrale without number
Century: AD08 AD09
Date: AD 775 - 821
Material: parchment (partly purpureus)
Bookform: codex purpureus (partly) (346 fol.)
Recto-verso: Ro/Vo
Columns: 2
Pagination: 0
Language/script: Latin
Script_type: Caroline minuscule
Culture: literature
Genre: poetry + prose, bible, gospel
Religion: christian
Stud Paleo Gr: cf. M.Mostert, The library of Fleury, p. 105 BF370
Stud Literature:
Photo: CLA 06 768; H. Quentin, Mémoire sur l'établissement du texte de la Vulgate (1922), p. 253 (pl. 7) and p. 260 (pl. 11)
Related resources: CLA
DCLP no text yet (2018_08_18)
Library: written for Theodulf, bishop of Orléans; cathedral of Le Puy from 16th cent.
Number of lines: 62