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stable url (with TM number): www.trismegistos.org/text/67758
LDAB ID: 9029

Lowe, CLA 11 1593 (Lowe, Elias Avery)

TM nr: 67758
LDAB id: 9029
Catalogues: B. Bischoff Katalog der festländischen Handschriften des 9. Jahrhunderts I 1998 p. 416 no. 2006
Publication: Lowe, CLA 11 1593 (Lowe, Elias Avery; 1966; image, description)

Other publications: Bischoff, Katalog der festländischen Handschriften des 9. Jahrhunderts 1 2006 (p. 416) (Bischoff, Bernhard; 1998; )

Authorname: Arnobius Iunior
Book: Homilies; annotationes in quaedam evangeliorum loca
Attested Authors: Arnobius Iunior, Interpretatio Evangeliarum (1. Direct attestation)
Provenance: Italy, North [written]
Inventory: Krakow, Archiwum kapituly metropolitalnej Ms. 43
Century: AD08 AD09
Date: AD 775 - 825 about
Material: parchment
Bookform: codex (107 fol.)
Recto-verso: Ro/Vo
Columns: 2
Pagination: 0
Language/script: Latin
Script_type: early Caroline minuscule
Culture: literature, science
Genre: prose, oratory, homily + theology, commentary
Religion: christian
Stud Paleo Gr:
Stud Literature:
Photo: CLA 011 1593
Related resources: CLA
DCLP no text yet (2018_08_18)
Library: Aaron, bishop of Krakow
Number of lines: 22, 23