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stable url (with TM number): www.trismegistos.org/text/66653
LDAB ID: 7903

Lowe, CLA 5 524 (Lowe, Elias Avery)
= Gamber, CLLA 260 c (Gamber, Klaus)

TM nr: 66653
LDAB id: 7903
Catalogues: P. McGurk Latin gospel books from AD 400 to AD 800 1961 no. 56
Publication: Lowe, CLA 5 524 (Lowe, Elias Avery; 1950; image, description)

Other publications: Gamber, CLLA 260 c (Gamber, Klaus; 1968; description)

McGurk, Latin gospel books from AD 400 to AD 800 56 (McGurk, Patrick; 1961; )

Authorname: New Testament, Mattheus, Marcus, Lucas, Johannes evang.
Book: gospel Mt Mc Lc Joh
Attested Authors: Testamentum novum, Mattheus (Vulgata, Hieronymus), Evangelium secundum Matthaeum (1. Direct attestation)
Testamentum novum, Marcus (Vulgata, Hieronymus), Evangelium secundum Marcum (1. Direct attestation)
Testamentum novum, Lucas (Vulgata, Hieronymus), Evangelium secundum Lucam (1. Direct attestation)
Testamentum novum, Iohannes (Vulgata, Hieronymus), Evangelium secundum Iohannem 1-7.39 (1. Direct attestation)
Provenance: France, North (?) [written]
Inventory: Paris, Bibliothèque Nationale lat. 256 (fol. 1-168)
Century: AD08
Date: AD 700 - 725 about
Material: parchment
Bookform: codex (168 fol.)
Recto-verso: Ro/Vo
Columns: 2
Pagination: 0
Language/script: Latin
Script_type: uncial
Culture: literature
Genre: prose, bible, gospel
Religion: christian
Stud Paleo Gr:
Stud Literature:
Photo: CLA 05 524
URL: http://archivesetmanuscrits.bnf.fr/ead.html?id=FRBNFEAD000060358&c=FRBNFEAD000060358_e0000018&qid=sdx_q5 http://archivesetmanuscrits.bnf.fr/ead.html?id=FRBNFEAD000008454&c=FRBNFEAD000008454_e0000015&qid=sdx_q2
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