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TM Nam 3029

Stable URI (with TM Nam ID): www.trismegistos.org/name/3029
Standard variants

Greek: Εὔβουλος

Egyptian: ȝwbwls

Gender: Male

Linguistic origins: Greek

Compound: εὐ- / -βουλος

Onomastic network

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92 attestations of 72 individuals in documentary texts from Egypt (= Ref level)

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Chronological overview of attestations of the name Euboulos

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Ref ID Publication Attestation Appears as Provenance (text) Date
260733SB 1 5861, 2ΕὐβούλουfatherEgypt, L00 - Alexandria, El-Ibrahimiya or Shatby [found & written]BC 332 - 300?
260900SB 1 5910, 1[name not yet recorded in TM Ref]personLibya - Cyrenaica [found & written]BC 332 - AD 284
352924Corpus of Ptolemaic inscriptions (CPI) 1 42, 1 - 2[Εὔ]βουλοςpersonEgypt, L00 - Alexandria, Serapeum [found & written]BC 299 - 275
352925Corpus of Ptolemaic inscriptions (CPI) 1 42, 2Εὐ[βούλου?]fatherEgypt, L00 - Alexandria, Serapeum [found & written]BC 299 - 275
573351P. Sorb. 4 157, Ro col. 2, 11ȝw˹bw˺lspersonEgypt, 00 - Arsinoites (Fayum) [written]
Egypt, 00c - Ghoran [found]
BC 299 - 200