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List of Names

Total of all names in the database: 35026

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Transcription Greek Egyptian Coptic
A-beses-ortaios ʿ-bss-ỉ.ỉr-dỉ-s
A-her ʿ-ḥr
A-n-ouseret ʿ-n-wsr.t
A-ouseret ʿ-wsr.t
A...oteus Α...ωτευς
A...rios Α...ριος
A.lei Α.λει
A.neto( ) Α.νετο( )
A.psin... Α.ψιν...
Aa-anch ʿȝ-ʿnḫ
Aa-cha ʿȝ-ḫȝ
Aa-f-n-her ʿȝ=f-n-Ḥr
Aa-f-n-mout ʿȝ=f-n-mw.t
Aa-ib ʿȝ-ỉb
Aa-ka ʿȝ-kȝ
Aa-ptah ʿȝ-ptḥ
Aaba ʿȝbȝ
Aabaei Ἀαβαεί
Aaine Ἀαινη
Aak-seneb ʿȝk-snb
Aakou ʿȝ.kw
Aana ʿʿnȝ
Aanios Ἀάνιος
Aanos ʿȝnw.s
Aaou ȝʿw
Aaou-sheri ʿȝ.w-šry
Aaou... Ααου...
Aaoutheleis Ἀαουθηλεις
Aapes Ἀαπης
Aappat ⲁⲁⲡⲡⲁⲧ
Aarchis Ἀαρχις
Aaris Ἀάρις
Aaron Ἀαρών ⲁⲣⲱⲛ
Aas Ἀᾶς
Aat-nout ʿȝ.t-Niw.t
Aat-sheret ʿȝ.t-šr.t
Aat-webechet ʿȝ.t-wbḫ.t
Aatj ʿȝṯ
Ababikis Ἀβαβικις
Ababikos Ἀβάβικος
Abail( ) Ἀβαιλ( )
Abaios Ἀβαῖος
Abaious Ἀβαιοῦς
Abak( ) Αβακ( )
Abakos ȝbȝqs
Abam... Ἀβαμ...
Abamlant Ἀβαμλαντ
Abanatios Ἀβανάτιος
Abaneos Ἀβανέος
Abanes Ἀβάνης
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