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  Name [▲] Greek Egyptian Coptic Language [▲] Divine element Type [▲]
...-ortaios ...-ỉ.ỉr-dỉ-s Egyptian DN-ỉ.ỉr-dỉ-s
A-beses-ortaios ʿ-bss-ỉ.ỉr-dỉ-s Egyptian DN-ỉ.ỉr-dỉ-s
Amen-har-ortaios Ỉmn-Ḥr-ỉ.ỉr-dỉ-s Egyptian Amun / Horos DN-ỉ.ỉr-dỉ-s
Amortaios Ἀμορταιος Ỉmn-ỉ.ỉr-dỉ-s Egyptian Amun DN-ỉ.ỉr-dỉ-s
Anch-p-ortaios ʿnḫ-pȝ-ỉ.ỉr-dỉ-s Egyptian DN-ỉ.ỉr-dỉ-s
Anouportaios Ἀνουπορταιος Ỉnpw-ỉ.ỉr-dỉ-s Egyptian Anubis DN-ỉ.ỉr-dỉ-s
Artais Ỉʿḥ-ỉ.ỉr-dỉ-s Egyptian Iah DN-ỉ.ỉr-dỉ-s
Atym-ortaios Ỉtm-ỉ.ỉr-dỉ-s Egyptian Atum DN-ỉ.ỉr-dỉ-s
Bendetis-ortaios Bȝ-nb-Ḏd.t-ỉ.ỉr-dỉ-s Egyptian Banebdjet DN-ỉ.ỉr-dỉ-s
Chesertaios Χεσερταιος Ḫnsw-ỉ.ỉr-dỉ-s Egyptian Khonsu DN-ỉ.ỉr-dỉ-s
Chnoumortaios H̱nm-ỉ.ỉr-dỉ-s Egyptian Khnum DN-ỉ.ỉr-dỉ-s
Esortaios Ἐσορταιος Ỉs.t-ỉ.ỉr-dỉ-s Egyptian Isis DN-ỉ.ỉr-dỉ-s
Hapi-ortaios Ḥp-ỉ.ỉr-dỉ-s Egyptian Apis DN-ỉ.ỉr-dỉ-s
Har-n-pe-ortaios Ḥr-n-P-ỉ.ỉr-dỉ-s Egyptian Harempois (Horos) DN-ỉ.ỉr-dỉ-s
Har-p-ortaios Ḥr-pȝ-ỉ.ỉr-dỉ-s Egyptian Horos DN-ỉ.ỉr-dỉ-s
Harortaios Ḥr-ỉ.ỉr-dỉ-s Egyptian Horos DN-ỉ.ỉr-dỉ-s
Harpochrat-ortaios Ḥr-pȝ-ẖrd-ỉ.ỉr-dỉ-s Egyptian Harpokrates (Horos) DN-ỉ.ỉr-dỉ-s
Hasphorteis Ἁσφορτεις Ḥr-š=f-ỉ.ỉr-dỉ-s Egyptian Herishef DN-ỉ.ỉr-dỉ-s
Hathor-ortaios Ḥw.t-Ḥr-ỉ.ỉr-dỉ-s Egyptian Hathor DN-ỉ.ỉr-dỉ-s
Hekortaios Ḥqȝ-ỉ.ỉr-dỉ-s Egyptian Heka DN-ỉ.ỉr-dỉ-s
Her-ib-t-mout-ortaios Hr-ỉb-tȝ-mw.t-ỉ.ỉr-dỉ-s Egyptian DN-ỉ.ỉr-dỉ-s
Heri-ortaios Hry-ỉ.ỉr-dỉ-s Egyptian DN-ỉ.ỉr-dỉ-s
Iir-di-s Ỉ.ỉr-dỉ-s Egyptian DN-ỉ.ỉr-dỉ-s
In-heret-ortaios Ỉn-ḥr.t-ỉ.ỉr-dỉ-s Egyptian Onuris DN-ỉ.ỉr-dỉ-s
Kai-p-maa-ir-di-s Kȝỉ-pȝ-mȝʿ-ỉr-dỉ-s Egyptian DN-i.ỉr-dỉ-s
Maa-ra-ortaios Mȝʿ.t-Rʿ-ỉ.ỉr-dỉ-s Egyptian Marres DN-ỉ.ỉr-dỉ-s
Mehit-ortaios Mḥy.t-ỉ.ỉr-dỉ-s Egyptian Mehit DN-ỉ.ỉr-dỉ-s
Min-ortaios Mn-ỉ.ỉr-dỉ-s Egyptian Min DN-ỉ.ỉr-dỉ-s
Montortaios Mnṱ-ỉ.ỉr-dỉ-s Egyptian Montou DN-ỉ.ỉr-dỉ-s
Mouthortaios Μουθερτης Mw.t-ỉ.ỉr-dỉ-s Egyptian Mut DN-ỉ.ỉr-dỉ-s
Neith-ortaios Nỉt-ỉ.ỉr-dỉ-s Egyptian Neith DN-ỉ.ỉr-dỉ-s
Nephtimertaios Nfr-tm-ỉ.ỉr-dỉ-s Egyptian Nefertem DN-ỉ.ỉr-dỉ-s
Obestertaios Ὀβεστορταιος Bȝst.t-ỉ.ỉr-dỉ-s Egyptian Bastet DN-ỉ.ỉr-dỉ-s
Ophiertaios Ὀφιερταιος Wp-wȝ.wt-ỉ.ỉr-dỉ-s Egyptian Wepwawet DN-ỉ.ỉr-dỉ-s
Osortaios Wsỉr-ỉ.ỉr-dỉ-s Egyptian Osiris DN-ỉ.ỉr-dỉ-s
P-her-ortaios Pȝ-ḥr-ỉ.ỉr-dỉ-s Egyptian DN-ỉ.ỉr-dỉ-s
Ptah-ortaios Ptḥ-ỉ.ỉr-dỉ-s Egyptian Ptah DN-ỉ.ỉr-dỉ-s
Ra-ortaios Rʿ-ỉ.ỉr-dỉ-s Egyptian Ra DN-ỉ.ỉr-dỉ-s
Sechmet-ortaios Sḫm.t-ỉ.ỉr-dỉ-s Egyptian Sekhmet DN-ỉ.ỉr-dỉ-s
Semthortaios Smȝ-tȝ.wy-ỉ.ỉr-dỉ-s Egyptian Somtous DN-ỉ.ỉr-dỉ-s
Setech-ortaios Stẖ-ỉ.ỉr-dỉ-s Egyptian Seth DN-ỉ.ỉr-dỉ-s
Shepes-ortaios Šps-ỉ.ỉr-dỉ-s Egyptian Shepes DN-ỉ.ỉr-dỉ-s
Sokortaios Σοκορταιος Sbk-ỉ.ỉr-dỉ-s Egyptian Sobek DN-ỉ.ỉr-dỉ-s
Tep-shena-ortaios Tp-Šnʿ-ỉ.ỉr-dỉ-s Egyptian DN-ỉ.ỉr-dỉ-s
Thotor-... Ḏḥwty-ỉ.ỉr-... Egyptian Thoth DN-ỉ.ỉr-dỉ-s
Thotortaios Θοτορταιος Ḏḥwty-ỉ.ỉr-dỉ-s Egyptian Thoth DN-ỉ.ỉr-dỉ-s
Wadjet-ortaios Wȝḏ.t-ỉ.ỉr-dỉ-s Egyptian Ouadjet DN-ỉ.ỉr-dỉ-s
Wadjit-ortaios Wȝḏy.t-ỉ.ỉr-dỉ-s Egyptian Ouadjet DN-ỉ.ỉr-dỉ-s