Feltria (Feltre)

TM Geo 12276

Italy (Venetia) - provincia: Venetia et Histria (Regio X) - modern region: Veneto - located in the provincia di Belluno

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Status city: municipium

Latin name(s): Feltria
Ethnic(s): Feltrinus
Modern name(s): Feltre
Variants: Feltria - Feltre

Map: Barrington Atlas, 2000, pl. 19 D3

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Chronological overview of the selected attestations
TM GeoRef Publication Attestation Material Language Date Provenance
144313Supplementa Italica 5 [p. 241-261] 9, 1mu(nicipium) Fe(ltrinorum)metal (lead) Latin BC02 - AD08 Italy, Venetia - Feltria (Feltre) [found & written]
203660CIL VI.4.3 38584, 3Feltrisstone? Latin BC02 - AD03 Italy, Latium - Rome [found & written]
219068Supplementa Italica 5 [p. 241-261] 8, 1mu(nicipium) Fe(ltrinorum)stone? Latin BC02 - AD08 Italy, Venetia - Feltria (Feltre) [found & written]
203507CIL VI.1 2864, 4Feltrisstone (marble) Latin AD01 - AD02 Italy, Latium - Rome [found & written]
219071Supplementa Italica 6 [p. 111-182] 1, 2 [b]Feltr(inos)stone Latin AD01 Italy, Venetia - Val Cadino [found & written]
187972CIL III Suppl. 2 15005, 4Feltr(ia)stone Latin AD01 Croatia, Illyricum - Ivoševci [found & written]
203650CIL VI.4.3 37193, 4Feltr(is)stone (marble) Latin AD02 Italy, Latium - Rome [found & written]
157912Alföldy, Römische Statuen in Venetia et Histria 156, 7Feltriaestone Latin AD02 Italy, Venetia - Feltria (Feltre) [found & written]
208703CIL VI.4.2 32515, fr. a, col. 2, 38Feltrisstone (marble) Latin AD02 Italy, Latium - Rome [found & written]
161388CIL V.1 2068, 9Feltr(inorum)stone Latin AD03 Italy, Venetia - Feltria (Feltre) [found & written]
219066Supplementa Italica 5 [p. 241-261] 2, 6Feltrinorumstone Latin AD03 Italy, Venetia - Feltria (Feltre) [found & written]