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Ukraine (Bosporus Cimmerius) - provincia: outside the Imperium Romanum - modern region: Kherson oblast - located near the modern city Sevastopol

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Status city: polis

Greek name(s): Χερσόνησος - Χερσών
Latin name(s): Cherronensis
Ethnic(s): Chersonessitanus
Variants: Chersonesos (Chersonesus Taurica - Cherronensis) - Cherson (Kherson)

Map: Barrington Atlas, 2000, pl. 23 G4

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Chronological overview of the selected attestations
TM GeoRef Publication Attestation Material Language Date Provenance
218672CIL III Suppl. 2 13750, 2Chersonessitanastone? Greek / Latin BC02 - AD08 Ukraine, Bosporus Cimmerius - Chersonesos [found & written]
218673CIL III Suppl. 2 13750, 14Chersonessitanorumstone? Greek / Latin BC02 - AD08 Ukraine, Bosporus Cimmerius - Chersonesos [found & written]
172738Inscriptiones Italiae IV.1 125, 23 [b]Cherronensistone (marble) Latin AD01 Italy, Latium - Tibur (Tivoli) [found & written]
99352SB 6 9584, 10Χερ[σ]όν[ησος]parchment (leather) Greek AD03 Syria, Mesopotamia - Doura (Dura-Europos) [found & written]
218657Année épigraphique 1996 1358, 6Chersoniss(itanae)stone Latin AD03 Ukraine, Bosporus Cimmerius - Chersonesos [found & written]