Ampelum (Zlatna)

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Romania (Dacia) - provincia: Dacia - modern region: Alba

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Status city: municipium

Latin name(s): Ampelum
Ethnic(s): Ampelensis
Modern name(s): Zlatna
Variants: Ampelum (Ampellum) - Zlatna (Schlatten - Goldenmarkt)

Map: Barrington Atlas, 2000, pl. 21 F3

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Chronological overview of the selected attestations
TM GeoRef Publication Attestation Material Language Date Provenance
144686Inscriptiones Daciae Romanae (IDR) 3.5 390, 4 - 5mu[ni]c(ipii) Amp(elensium?)stone (marble) Latin AD02 - AD03 Romania, Dacia - Apulum (Alba Iulia) [found & written]
169514ZPE 146 (2004), p. 211-220, (I. Front) col. a, 13Am(pelo?)stone (marble) Latin AD02 Serbia, Moesia - Čair [found & written]
208000ZPE 146 (2004), p. 211-220, (II. Right lateral) col. b, 89Am(pelo?)stone (marble) Latin AD02 Serbia, Moesia - Čair [found & written]
152698Inscriptiones Daciae Romanae (IDR) 3.3 282, 8Amp(elensium)stone Latin AD03 Romania, Dacia - Ampelum (Zlatna) [found & written]
169047Année épigraphique 1968 442, 17Ampele[nsium]stone Latin AD03 Romania, Dacia - Ampelum (Zlatna) [found & written]