Albingaunum (Albenga)

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Italy (Liguria) - provincia: Liguria (Regio IX) - modern region: Liguria - located in the provincia di Savona

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Latin name(s): Albingaunum
Ethnic(s): Albingaunensis
Modern name(s): Albenga
Variants: Albingaunum (Album Ingaunum) - Albenga - Bastia

Map: Barrington Atlas, 2000, pl. 16 F1

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Chronological overview of the selected attestations
TM GeoRef Publication Attestation Material Language Date Provenance
201406CIL XIII.2.1 6966, 2 [b]Albi(ngauno)stone? Latin BC02 - AD03 Germany, Gallia - Mogontiacum (Mainz) [found & written]
203386Bullettino della Commissione Archeologica Comunale di Roma 69 (1941), p. 170 no. 73, 4Albingaunostone Latin AD01 Italy, Latium - Rome (?) [found & written]
203438CIL VI.1 2529, 3Albingaunostone (marble) Latin AD01 - AD02 Italy, Latium - Rome [found & written]
220902CIL VI.4.2 32520, col. 5, 47Albing(auno)stone (marble) Latin AD02 Italy, Latium - Rome [found & written]
220971CIL VI.4.2 32522, a col. 1, 17 [b]Alvinca(uno)stone (marble) Latin AD02 Italy, Latium - Rome [found & written]
149297Supplementa Italica 4 [p. 243-304] 6, 7Albing[aunens(ium)]stone (marble) Latin AD02 Italy, Liguria - Albingaunum (Albenga) [found & written]
155959Supplementa Italica 4 [p. 243-304] 5, 8plebs urbana Albingaunens(ium)stone Latin AD02 - AD03 Italy, Liguria - Albingaunum (Albenga) [found & written]
168090CIL V.2 7783, 12Albi[n]ga[u]nensibusstone? Latin AD03 Italy, Liguria - Albingaunum (Albenga) [found & written]
171819Supplementa Italica 4 [p. 243-304] 4, 19plebs urbana Albingaunensiumstone? Latin AD03 Italy, Liguria - Albingaunum (Albenga) [found & written]
179294Supplementa Italica 4 [p. 243-304] 65, 3[Albingaunensi]sstone (marble) Latin AD05 Italy, Liguria - Albingaunum (Albenga) [found & written]