Aigeira (Vitrinitsa)

TM Geo 37594

Greece (Achaia) - provincia: Achaia - modern region: Dytiki Ellada - located near Aigai (TM Geo 76)

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Status city

Greek name(s): Αἴγειρα
Latin name(s): Agira
Ethnic(s): Aigeirates
Modern name(s): Vitrinitsa
Variants: Aigeira (Aegira - Egira) - Hyperesia - Vitrinitsa - Palaiokastro (Paleocastro)

Biblio: RE s.v. Aigai 1; PP X, 2002, p. 10
Map: Barrington Atlas, 2000, pl. 58 C1

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TM id Publication Attestation Material Language Date Provenance
495125CIL III Suppl. 2 p. 2328, 58-59 no. AAA[found & written]stone Greek AD04 Greece, Achaia - Aigeira (Vitrinitsa) [found & written]
495126CIL III Suppl. 2 p. 2328, 59 no. BBB[found & written]stone Greek AD04 Greece, Achaia - Aigeira (Vitrinitsa) [found & written]