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Chysis (Shusha)

TM Geo 6170

Egypt - 19th Upper Egyptian nome, Oxyrynchites (El-Bahnasa) (U19) - provincia: Aegyptus - in the U19 Ano (southern / upper) toparchia; in some periods belonging to the U15 Pasko toparchia of the U15 Hermopolites (admin.) - located on the western Nile bank
28.300524,30.667061 (Lat,Long)

Links: Digital Atlas of the Roman Empire, Pleiades

Status: village: kome

Greek name(s): Χυσις
Modern name(s): Shusha
Variants: Chysis (Choiseos) - Shusha

Repertoria: Dizionario V, p. 130-131; p. 131; Suppl. 2, p. 239; Suppl. 3, p. 162; Suppl. 4, p. 142; Suppl. 5, p. 109; Drew-Bear, Hermopolite, 1979, p. 321 (bis); p. 322-326; Pruneti, Ossirinchite, 1981, p. 219-220; p. 229; Benaissa, Oxyrhynchite nome, 2012(2), p. 428-430; p. 450
Biblio: Rea, JEA 71 (1985), suppl., p. 70; Mitthof, AfP 49 (2003), p. 214-215 no. 9
Map: Drew-Bear, Hermopolite, 1979, map 1 (Shûsha / Χύσις); Pruneti, Ossirinchite, 1981, pl. (Shûsha / Χῦσις); Barrington Atlas, 2000, pl. 75 D4 (Chysis); Benaissa, Oxyrhynchite nome, 2012(2), p. 496 no. 5 (Šuša - Chysis)
Note: obsolete readings: Cheleos; [ ]eos

Stable URI (with TM Geo ID): www.trismegistos.org/place/6170




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Chronological overview of the selected attestations
TM id Publication Attestation Material Language Date Provenance
132270P. Duke inv. 786 ined.[written]papyrus Greek AD03 Egypt, U19 - Chysis (Shusha) [written]
Egypt, U19 - Oxyrynchites [found]
114273P. Oxy. 72 4892[written]papyrus Greek AD03 Egypt, U19 - Oxyrynchos (Bahnasa) [found]
Egypt, U19 - Chysis (Shusha) [written]