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Aurelius Inaroys

Attestation details
Name Αὐρήλιοι Νααραῦς
    nom of Νααραυς, variant of the name Inaroys, currently attested 1129 times
    preceded by Αὐρήλιοι, nom pl of Αὐρήλιος, variant of the name prefix Aurelius
Activity person
TextBGU 2 367, Ro 5 (full text via
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Date AD 500 - 599
Place Egypt, 00d - Krokodilopolis (Medinet el-Fayum) [written]
Egypt, 00 - Arsinoites (Fayum) [found]
Person details
Person ID 120988
Name Inaroys
Attestations 3
Family details
Father Abramos (Person ID: 120993)

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