Stable Identifiers

One of the long term targets of Trismegistos is to facilitate linking to sources, e.g. by the (invisible) use of Trismegistos numbers to identify texts in online publications. This implies the implementation of an old number database, keeping track of numbers that are no longer in active use, e.g. because of linking of fragments or because of mistakes.

It is our aim to provide a similar system of stable numeric identifiers for people and names. This currently takes the following form:

Type of entity URI identifier Human readable
Name and person attestation TM Ref 1234
Name TM Nam 1234
Person TM Per 1234

While the stable identifiers for attestations of names and people (REF) and for names (NAM) should be (very) stable, those for individuals can only be temporary in the sense that many identifications remain to be implemented (see 'Prosopography' left). They are stable, however, in the sense that we are keeping track of what PER identifier has been linked with what REF identifier at some stage, and will soon implement this as a kind of old number database leading to the new entry.