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P. Mil. Vogl. 2 63

TM id: 12360 (More info...)
Date: AD 170 Aug 25 before (Marcus Aurelius, year 11)
Provenance: Egypt, 00c - Tebtynis (Umm el-Baragat) [found & written]

This text contains 12 attestations of people:
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 LineNameFull Text
1 Πτολλαρίωνι (Ptollarion)
    mentioned as person (pnr: 128578)
1 Πτολλαρίωνος (Ptollarion)
    mentioned as father (pnr: 128518)
2 Γεμείνῳ (Geminus)
    mentioned as person (pnr: 128581)
3 Ἀματίῳ alias Παυλείνῳ (Amatius alias Paulinus)
    mentioned as person (pnr: 128582)
4 Πάτρωνος (Patron)
    mentioned as father (pnr: 128519)
5 Πέννειτος (Penneis)
    mentioned as person (pnr: 128584)
5 Ὀρσενούφεως (Orsenouphis)
    mentioned as father (pnr: 128585)
5 Πέννειτος (Penneis)
    mentioned as grandfather (pnr: 128586)
6 Σύρου (Syros)
    mentioned as person (pnr: 128587)
6 Δημητρίου (Demetrios)
    mentioned as father (pnr: 128580)
12 Πτολλαρίωνι (Ptollarion)
    mentioned as person (pnr: 128578)
13 Γέμεινον (Geminus)
    mentioned as person (pnr: 128581)