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P. Tebt. 3 746

TM id: 5349 (More info...)
Date: BC 243 May 28 (P03, year 04, Pharmouthi 08)
Provenance: Egypt, 00c - Tebtynis (Umm el-Baragat) [found]
Egypt, U19 - Oxyrynchites [place of writing & destination]

This text contains 12 attestations of people:
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 LineNameFull Text
Ro 1 Ἀγάθων (Agathon)
    mentioned as person (pnr: 349674)
Ro 1 Πάτρωνι (Patron)
    mentioned as person (pnr: 349675)
Ro 1 Μηνοδώρου (Menodoros)
    mentioned as person (pnr: 349676)
Ro 4 Μηνόδωρος (Menodoros)
    mentioned as person (pnr: 349676)
Ro 4 Ἀγάθωνι (Agathon)
    mentioned as person (pnr: 349674)
Ro 13 Θεοφίλωι (Theophilos)
    mentioned as person (pnr: 8973)
Ro 19 Φανίαν (Phanias)
    mentioned as person (pnr: 349677)
Ro 36 Φανίαν (Phanias)
    mentioned as person (pnr: 349677)
Ro 38 Ἁρπάλωι (Harpalos)
    mentioned as person (pnr: 6044)
Ro 38 Ἀντιφάνει (Antiphanes)
    mentioned as person (pnr: 5095)
Ro 38 Ἀργαίωι (Argaios)
    mentioned as person (pnr: 5666)
Vo 40 Πάτρωνι (Patron)
    mentioned as person (pnr: 349675)