P. Hibeh 1 93

TM id: 8182 (More info...)
Date: BC 250 about (P02)
Provenance: Egypt, U20 - Ankyropolis (El-Hiba) [found]
Egypt, U19 - Oxyrynchites [written]

This text contains 4 attestations of people:
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 LineNameFull Text
1 Διοδώρωι (Diodoros)
    mentioned as person (pnr: 19034)
1 Στράτωνος (Straton)
    mentioned as father (pnr: 19035)
7 Διόδωρος (Diodoros)
    mentioned as person (pnr: 19034)
8 Διονύσιον (Dionysios)
    mentioned as person (pnr: 391857)