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BGU 1 87

TM id: 9128 (More info...)
Date: AD 144 Jan 14 (Antoninus Pius, year 07, Tybi 18)
Provenance: Egypt, 00a - Soknopaiou Nesos (Dimeh) [found & written]

This text contains 18 attestations of people:
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 LineNameFull Text
Ro 5 Ταουῆτις (Taoutis)
    mentioned as person (pnr: 124984)
Ro 5 Ἁρπαγάθου (Harpagathes)
    mentioned as father (pnr: 124985)
Ro 5 Σαταβοῦτος (Satabous)
    mentioned as grandfather (pnr: 124990)
Ro 7 Στοτοήτεως (Stotoetis)
    mentioned as person (pnr: 124991)
Ro 7 Στοτοήτεως (Stotoetis)
    mentioned as father (pnr: 124992)
Ro 8 Στοτοήτεως (Stotoetis)
    mentioned as grandfather (pnr: 124993)
Ro 9 Σαταβοῦτι (Satabous)
    mentioned as person (pnr: 124994)
Ro 9 Σαταβοῦτος (Satabous)
    mentioned as father (pnr: 124995)
Ro 9 Σαταβοῦτος (Satabous)
    mentioned as grandfather (pnr: 124996)
Ro 15 Σαταβοῦτος (Satabous)
    mentioned as person (pnr: 124994)
Ro 18 Σαταβοῦς (Satabous)
    mentioned as person (pnr: 124994)
Ro 21 Σῦκος alias Παπῆες (Sykos alias Papeeis)
    mentioned as person (pnr: 124986)
Ro 21 Νείλου (Neilos)
    mentioned as father (pnr: 124987)
Ro 22 Ταουῆτις (Taoutis)
    mentioned as person (pnr: 124988)
Ro 22 Ἁρπαγάθου (Harpagathes)
    mentioned as father (pnr: 124989)
Ro 23 Στοτοήτεως (Stotoetis)
    mentioned as person (pnr: 124991)
Ro 24 Στοτοήτεως (Stotoetis)
    mentioned as father (pnr: 124992)
Ro 25 Σαταβοῦτι (Satabous)
    mentioned as person (pnr: 124994)
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