Seals and Stamps
from Graeco-Roman and Byzantine Egypt

SB 12 10907 (cf. JJP, 16/17 (1971), 133)

Seal ID: 1075
Publications: SB 12 10907 (cf. JJP, 16/17 (1971), 133)
Inventory number: 13308
Online photo:
Description: Seal for tax of 1 %: portrait of ?Hadrian: "laureate head turned to the right, enclosed by an inscription running around the edge of which only the letters ἐ]τοῦς[ behind the neck of the emperor survived. Some indistinct signs below the head seem to indicate that the legend consisted of two parts: the marginal text and another on the exergue".
Attached to custom house receipt
Material (seal): Clay/mud
Material (seal matrix):
Type of document sealed: 10.Document with Untersiegelung
Type of recipient sealed:
Date: Roman
Place: Soknopaiu Nesos
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