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TM 382500 Record to be adopted by: you?

Stable URI (with TM ID):


Date: no information yet, broad range BC 199 - AD 799?

Provenance: Topeiros (Paradeisos) - Greece (ThraciaThe region ca. 3rd cent. BC - MacedoniaThe Roman provincia or regio ca. 2nd cent. AD) [found & written]

Language/script: Latin

Material: no information yet (stone?)

More info: EDCSEpigraphische Datenbank Clauss-Slaby => 500741 links in TM, PhilippoiDie Inschriften von Philippi in Bild => 891 links in TM

Information mentioned in this text

    TM 382500

    We currently do not have a full-text version of this source. Perhaps one of our partner projects (listed above under 'More info' when available) has what you are looking for!

    We currently do not have any people attestations for this text.

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