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TM 2933

Stable URI (with TM ID): www.trismegistos.org/text/2933
Date: BC 140 Apr 23 - Aug 21
cf. Lanciers, ZPE 110 (2019), p. 199

Provenance: Hermopolis (El-Ashmunein) - Egypt (UThe region ca. 3rd cent. BC - AegyptusThe Roman provincia or regio ca. 2nd cent. AD) [found & written]

Language/script: Greek

Content (beta!): Contract: sale

Material: papyrus

Recto/Verso: Ro

More info: DDbDP (PN), HGV

Information mentioned in this text

    TM 2933

    (text of Papyri.info of September 2016)

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    1 |gap=10_lines|
    00 συγγραφοφύλαξ
    11 [βασιλευόντων] [Πτολεμα]ίου καὶ Κλεοπάτρας τῶν Πτολεμαίου
    12 [καὶ] [Κλεοπάτρας] [θεῶν] [Ἐπι]φανῶν καὶ βασιλίσσης Κλεοπάτρας
    13 [τῆς] [γυναικὸς] [θεᾶς] [Εὐεργ]έτιδος ἔτους τριακοστοῦ
    14 [ἐφʼ] [ἱερέως] [.................] [ο]υ Ἀλεξάνδρου καὶ
    15 [θεῶν] [Σωτήρων] [καὶ] [θεῶν] [Ἀδελφῶν] [καὶ] θεῶν Εὐεργετῶν
    16 [καὶ] [θεῶν] [Φιλοπατόρων] [καὶ] [θεῶν] [Ἐπιφ]ανῶν καὶ θεοῦ
    17 [Εὐπάτορος] [καὶ] [θεοῦ] [Φιλο]μήτορος καὶ θεῶν Εὐεργετῶν ,
    18 [ἀθλοφόρου] [Βερενείκης] [Ε]ὐεργέτιδος Εἰρήνης τῆς
    19 [...........] [κανηφόρου] [Ἀρ]σινόης Φιλαδέλφου Ἀρσινόης
    20 [...........] [ἱερείας] [Ἀρσινόη]ς̣ Φιλοπάτορος Ἀρτέμ̣ι̣τ̣ο̣ς
    21 |gap=1_lines|
    22 [...........................]αιου ἐνάτηι καὶ εἰκάδι .
    23 |gap=3_lines|
    26 [---][.] ἕνα λευκόν
    00 Μακεδὼν τῆς [ἐπιγονῆς] Μακεδόνι τῶν [.....................] [ἱππαρ]χίας ὀγδοηκοντα[ρούρωι]

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