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TM 91676 Record to be adopted by: you?

Stable URI (with TM ID): www.trismegistos.org/text/91676

Information mentioned in this text

    TM 91676

    (text of Papyri.info of September 2016)

    Hover on a word for more info. Click on it to go to the detail page of the lemma.


    1 [--------------------]
    2 [---] Ἑ̣ρ̣μείνου μητ[(ρὸς)] [Ἑ]λ̣ένης̣ ὀνό(ματος) Πα̣[.]ιος [.][---]
    3 [---][.]ονης ἀμ(φότεροι?) ἀπὸ Ἑ̣ρ[μοῦ̣] [πόλ(εως)] [..]α[---]
    4 [---][.] εἰς τὸ εἰς τὸ ἐνεστὸς δ (ἔτος)
    5 [---] [τὸ] [ἐνεσ]τ̣ὸς δ (ἔτος)|slanting-stroke||slanting-stroke| δ̣ιε̣[...] κ̣ε̣[.] |slanting-stroke|
    6 ____ ?? ?? ____
    7 [---]|slanting-stroke| Ἁτρήους μητ(ρὸς) Θαήσιος ἀπὸ κώ(μης) [..][---]
    8 [---]ιν[.] [....][---] τ̣ὸ ἐνεστ(ὸς) δ (ἔτος)|slanting-stroke||slanting-stroke| Φαῶφ̣ι̣ [---]
    9 [---][...] τὸ ἐνεστ(ὸς) δ (ἔτος)|slanting-stroke||slanting-stroke| αι[...][---]
    10 ____ ?? ?? ____
    11 [---][.]ι Δημήτριος ἐπικαλού(μενος) Σαπρίων Ἡλιοδώρ̣ο̣υ [---]
    12 [---] [ἀν]α̣γρα(φόμενος) ἐπ’ ἀμφ(όδου) Πόλ(εως) λιβ(ὸς) γράψα(ς) κατὰ χειρο[...] \υ̣[..](…)[---]/
    13 [---] [ἐνε]στὸς δ (ἔτος)|slanting-stroke||slanting-stroke| Φαῶ(φι) δ εἰς ?? σκδ εἰς ?? Τῦβ(ι) τοῦ ἐν̣ε̣[στ] [---]
    14 [---]|slanting-stroke| ἐπὶ ἐ̣μοῦ Κολοβις ἀπὸ Πανὸς π[όλεως] [---]
    15 [---][.]ογρ(…) κεχρο(νισμεν…) εἰς τὸ ἐνεστὸς δ (ἔτος)|slanting-stroke||slanting-stroke| Φαῶ̣[φι] [---]

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