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P. Adler Dem. 28 (Griffith, Francis Llewellyn)
= O. Tempeleide 30 (Kaplony-Heckel, Ursula)

Trismegistos nr: 49
Publication: P. Adler Dem. 28 (Griffith, Francis Llewellyn; 1939)
Inventory: Copenhagen, Carlsberg Papyrus Collection pap. 876
Other inventory nrs: formerly London, Private collection Adler Dem. 28
formerly Oslo, Private collection Schøyen number unknown
Related inv. inf.:
Material: papyrus
Material form:
Reuse type:
Reuse detail:
Reuse note:
Language/script: Demotic
Language detail:
Provenance: Egypt, U04a - Pathyris (Gebelein) [found & written]
Provincia: Aegyptus
Date: BC 99 May 22 after ((P10) KB, [ibd-...] Achet 25)
Attested Authors:
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