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TM Word IdWordTypeTranslationFrequency
article the, that 354789
καί conjunction and; and now; and so; and indeed, and further 161619
δραχμή noun as much as one can hold in the hand 68013
ἔτος noun year 57829
αὐτός demonstrative self, the very one, the same 53769
γίγνομαι verb come into being; become, to be 40797
ἐγώ personal I at least, for my part, indeed, for myself 40768
ἀρτάβη noun artaba 36901
διά preposition through; throughout; thoroughly 35283
ἀπό preposition from, away from 32966
σύ personal thou 30720
β numeral 29361
ἐν preposition in, into. 29059
ὅς relative this, that; his, her 29041
εἰς preposition into 28678
παρά preposition beside 27731
δ numeral 26874
ὑπέρ preposition over, above; over, beyond 22829
δέ particle but 22802
πυρός noun wheat, Triticum vulgare 22503
ἐπί preposition being upon or supported upon a surface 21069
μήτηρ noun mother 19785
γ numeral three, third, thrice 18968
ἄρουρα noun a ro u ra i 18625
νόμισμα noun anything sanctioned by current or established usage, custom 18384
εἰμί verb to be, to exist 18301
ἐκ preposition from out of 17855
η numeral 15690
οὗτος demonstrative this 15132
ε numeral 14816
πρός preposition on the side of, in the direction of 14503
κατά preposition downwards. 14461
κύριος noun having power or authority over 14183
πᾶς indefinite all 14076
δ´ numeral 13861
ἔχω verb check; bear, carry, bring 13578
ϛ numeral 13404
περί preposition round about, all round 12034
ὀβολός noun obol 11813
ἄλλος indefinite another 11349
κεράτιον noun small horn 11022
μή adverb not; lest perchance 10933
ὡς conjunction so, thus; as; that; so that, in order that; since, because 10828
κώμη noun unwalled village 10725
ιβ numeral 10697
γράφω verb scratch, graze 10286
ὁμοίως SUSPECT (possibly non-existing word) 10189
μήν noun verily, truly 10035
χαλκοῦς adjective copper coin 10032
πόλις noun city 9805