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Satabous son of Pnepheros and family

TM Arch id: 407

Quick facts
private: family archive
Found in: 00a - Karanis (Kom Aushim)
AD01 AD02

Protagonist: Satabous (Go to TM People)

Description: All texts were found in a single building in Karanis, structure C123, and in the nearby dump 132*. The building was a granary which was later adapted into a house. Mainly letters

Publication: P. Mich. 9

Studies: Schwendner, Pap. Congr. XXIV (Helsinki 2004), 2007, p. 995

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Stable URI (with TM Arch ID): www.trismegistos.org/archive/407
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8 texts (of which 7 certain, 1 uncertain)

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Chronological overview
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TM number Publication Status Material Language Date
TM 12185 P. Mich. 6 382 certain papyrus Greek a: AD 87 Aug 30 - 88 Aug 28
b: AD 89 Jul 21
c: AD 90 Jun 23
d: AD 88 Aug 13
e: AD 101 May 11?
TM 12038 P. Mich. 9 545 certain papyrus Greek AD 88 Aug 29 - 89 Aug 28
TM 12043 P. Mich. 9 550 certain papyrus Greek AD 99 Feb 15
TM 12048 P. Mich. 9 555 certain papyrus Greek AD 107 Aug 14
TM 12049 P. Mich. 9 556 certain papyrus Greek AD 107 Aug 14
TM 12050 P. Mich. 9 557 certain papyrus Greek AD 116 Aug 27
TM 41627 SB 22 15849 certain papyrus Greek AD 121 Dec 26 (Hadrianus, year 06, Choiak 30)
TM 9426 BGU 3 985 uncertain papyrus Greek AD 123 Aug 30 - Sep 28