In Christi natale

Type: homily

Comment: title shared by several items

Note: not to be confused with In natiuitatem Domini - ID 1882 (similar incipit).- two main forms are known: BHG 1914i is always attributed to John Chrysostom in the manuscripts, whereas BHG 1914k is occasionally attributed also to Severian of Gabala; the connection between the two forms is unclear; the main difference between them happens in the ending (ยง 11: Datema - Allen 1989: 78). Therefore data concerning both forms are (provisonally) displayed together.-


Relation to Chrysostom is spurious; PG 64: 1395-1396
Other authors:
Leontius of Constantinople (authentic); cf. Voicu 2001: 183-184 (mainly)
Severian of Gabala (spurious); cf. manuscript attribution: BHG 1914k

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  • In Christi natale


  • CPG 5008
  • BHG 1914i 1914k


  • Christmas

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