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TM Geo Standard name Greek Latin Egyptian Coptic Variants #
38942Spain, Hispania - Puente del Obispo Puente del Obispo 0
38960Spain, Hispania - Cabrinana Cabrinana 0
38967Spain, Hispania - Cerro de la Alamanzora Cerro de la Alamanzora 0
38984Spain, Hispania - Cortijo del Alcaide Cortijo del Alcaide 0
39017Spain, Hispania - La Muela La Muela 0
39038Spain, Hispania - Navarrete Navarrete 0
39128Portugal?, Hispania - Cortes Pereiras Cortes Pereiras 0
39231Portugal?, Hispania - San Pedro de Rozados San Pedro de Rozados 0
39276Portugal?, Hispania - Vendas Vendas 0
39377Spain, Hispania - Bara Bara 0
39442Spain, Hispania - Can Bosch de Basea Can Bosch de Basea 0
39450Spain, Hispania - Can Mada Can Mada 0
39604Spain, Hispania - Fons Tagi Fons Tagi 0
39629Spain, Hispania - Fuentes de Penacorada Fuentes de Penacorada 0
39678Spain, Hispania - La Alberca La Alberca 0
39731Spain, Hispania - Leiras Leiras 0
39766Spain, Hispania - Luzcando Luzcando 0
39838Spain, Hispania - Noalla Noalla 0
39994Spain, Hispania - San Martin de Lena San Martin de Lena 0
40012Spain, Hispania - Sanhoane Sanhoane 0
40117Spain, Hispania - Troviscoso Troviscoso 0
40142Spain, Hispania - Valle de Airoso Valle de Airoso 0
40187Spain, Hispania - Villanueva de Valdegovia Villanueva de Valdegovia 0
41149Portugal, Hispania - Lage do Ouro Lage do Ouro - Herdade da Lage do Ouro 0
41234Portugal, Hispania - Herdade da Igreja Herdade da Igreja 0
41478Spain, Hispania - La Yunta La Yunta 0
42927Egypt, U04a - Tmekra ⲧⲙⲉⲕⲣⲁ Tmekra 0
45589Italy, Campania - Torre San Limato Torre San Limato 0
45767Italy, Samnium - Paule Paule 0
45889Italy, Transpadana - Cascina Validone Cascina Validone 0
45931Italy, Transpadana - Invorio Inferiore Invorio Inferiore 0
46017Italy, Transpadana - Valeggio Valeggio 0
46337Italy, Venetia - Squarano Squarano 0
46808Italy, Latium - Regio (ecclesiastica) III Regio (ecclesiastica) III 0
47860Iran, Hyrcania - Beth Raziqaye Beth Raziqaye - Rai 0
47953Turkey, Mesopotamia - Tiyari Tiyari (Ṭiyari) 0
48196Turkey, Mesopotamia - Monastery of Mor Ioannes Tayoyo Monastery of Mor Ioannes Tayoyo (Mor Yuḥanon Ṭayoyo) 0
48203Syria, Kapra d-Barta Kapra d-Barta (Kaprā d-Bartā - Kaprā d-Birtā - Kafr al-Bira - Kafr al-Bīra) 0
48270Lebanon, Phoenicia - Ashqut Ashqut (ʿAshqūt - Ashqout) 0
48287Turkey, Mesopotamia - Shab Shab (Shaʿb) 0
48311Turkey, Mesopotamia - Goyan Goyan 0
48366Iraq, Mesopotamia - Koi Sanjaq Koi Sanjaq (Koï Sanjaq) 0
48367Turkey?, Mesopotamia - Kuplana Kuplana (Kuplānā) 0
48422Iraq, Mesopotamia - Artuk Artuk (Artūk) 0
48434Turkey, Mesopotamia - Ayyel Ayyel 0
48438Iran, Mesopotamia - Ada Ada (ʿĀdā) 0
48549Iraq, Mesopotamia - Beth Nura Beth Nura 0
48611Iran, Mesopotamia - Burhanlui Burhanlui (Būrhānlūi) 0
48619Turkey, Mesopotamia - Chamba d-Beth Eilya Chamba d-Beth Eilya (Chambā d-Beth Elīyā) 0
48620Turkey, Mesopotamia - Chamba d-Beth Susina Chamba d-Beth Susina (Chambā d-Beth Ṣūṣīnā) 0