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TM GeoRef 12135

"[ἐπὶ τῆς] ... κώ(μης) Θεαδε̣[λφείας]"

= an attestation of TM Geo 2349 in TM 10196, 11

TM Geo: Egypt, 00b - Theadelpheia (Batn el-Harit)

Source: P. Berl. Leihg. 1 16 a

Date: AD 161 May 27

Provenance: Theadelpheia (Batn el-Harit) - Egypt [found & written]

Language/script: Greek

Material: papyrus

Incompletely preserved

Stable URI (with TM Georef ID): www.trismegistos.org/georef/12135
GeoRef information

Standardized name: Θεαδέλφεια

Geographic term: kome (apposition)

Construction: epi + gen.

Semantics: location

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29.348065,30.49696 (Lat,Long)

1 reference to places in this text

TM GeoRef IDLineAttested namePlaceContext
12135 11 [ἐπὶ τῆς] ... κώ(μης) Θεαδε̣[λφείας] 00b - Theadelpheia (Batn el-Harit) (TM Geo 2349)