Abellinum (Atripalda)

TM Geo 11848

Italy (Samnium) - provincia: Latium et Campania (Regio I) - modern region: Campania - located in the territory of the Hirpini (TM Geo 14458); in the provincia di Avellino

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Status city: colonia

Latin name(s): Abellinum
Ethnic(s): Abellinas
Modern name(s): Atripalda
Variants: Abellinum - Colonia Veneriae Livia Augusta Alexandriana Abellinatium - Atripalda - La Cività

Map: Barrington Atlas, 2000, pl. 44 G4

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TM GeoRef Publication Attestation Material Language Date Provenance
143544CIL X.1 1143, 1[Abe]llinatiumstone? Latin BC02 - AD08 Italy, Samnium - Abellinum (Atripalda) [found & written]
146325CIL VIII Suppl. 4 23425, 3 - 4domo Abellinistone? Latin BC02 - AD08 Tunisia, Africa - Mactaris (Makthar) [found & written]
156372CIL X.1 1117, 9 - 10col(onia) Ven(eria) Livia Aug(usta) Alexandrian(a) Abellinatiumstone? Latin BC02 - AD08 Italy, Samnium - Abellinum (Atripalda) [found & written]
187002CIL IV 2159, 2Abellinasstone? Latin BC02 - AD01 Italy, Campania - Pompeii [found & written]
149595CIL IX 2118, 1 [b]Abellin[i]stone? Latin BC01 - AD01 Italy, Samnium - Santa Maria de Voto [found & written]
196923CIL X.1 1149, 1Abel(lini)stone? Latin AD01 Italy, Campania - Capriglia [found & written]
168192Année épigraphique 1908 206, 8Abellinati[um]stone (marble) Latin AD03 Italy, Campania - Puteoli (Pozzuoli) [found & written]
149969CIL X.1 1120, 8coloniae Abellinatumstone Latin AD03 - AD04 Italy, Samnium - Abellinum (Atripalda) [found & written]
149565CIL IX 1199, 4 - 5[civit(atis)?] ... Abellinatisstone Latin AD03 - AD04 Italy, Samnium - Aeclanum (Mirabella Eclano) [found & written]
160538CIL X.1 1126, 17Abell[i]na[tiu]mstone Latin AD04 Italy, Samnium - Abellinum (Atripalda) [found & written]