Aleria (Aléria)

TM Geo 14385

France (Corsica) - provincia: Corsica - modern region: Corse - located in the département Haute-Corse

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Status city: colonia

Greek name(s): Ἀλαλίη
Latin name(s): Aleria
Ethnic(s): Alerinus
Modern name(s): Aléria
Variants: Aleria - Colonia Veneria Iulia Pacensis Restituta Tertianorum Aleria (sc. of the soldiers of legio III) - Alalie (Alalia) - Aléria

Map: Barrington Atlas, 2000, pl. 48 D2

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Chronological overview of the selected attestations
TM GeoRef Publication Attestation Material Language Date Provenance
181296CIL I(2).2.1 9, 6 [b]Aleria (read: Aleriam)stone (tuff, Alban stone) Latin BC03 - BC02 Italy, Latium - Rome [found & written]
145802Année épigraphique 1962 144 a, 2col(oniae) Aler[iae]stone Latin BC02 - AD08 France, Corsica - Aleria (Aléria) [found & written]
164072CIL X.2 8035, 9c(oloniae) V(eneriae) P(acensis) R(estitutae) [A(leriae)]stone? Latin BC02 - AD08 France, Corsica - Aleria (Aléria) [found & written]
153432Année épigraphique 1964 50, 5c(oloniae) V(eneriae) I(uliae) R(estitutae) A(leriae)stone (marble) Latin BC01 France, Corsica - Tavignano [found & written]
153431Année épigraphique 1975 468, 5c(oloniae) V(eneriae) I(uliae) R(estitutae) T(ertianorum) [A(leria)]stone (marble) Latin AD01 - AD02 France, Corsica - Aleria (Aléria) [found & written]
164070Année épigraphique 1967 279, 7[colonis] Alerinisstone Latin AD02 France, Corsica - Aleria (Aléria) [found & written]