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Greece (Cyclades) - provincia: Achaia - modern region: Notio Aigaio - located in the Aegean Sea, near Delos (TM Geo 542)

Links: Pleiades, Wikipedia, Digital Atlas of the Roman Empire

Status island (in the sea)

Greek name(s): Ῥήνεια
Latin name(s): Artemita Celadea
Ethnic(s): Renaios
Variants: Reneia (Rheneia - Rhenea - Rinia) - Artemita Celadea

Repertoria: Dizionario IV, p. 228
Map: Barrington Atlas, 2000, pl. 61 A3

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6 texts found or written in Reneia
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Chronological overview of the selected attestations
TM id Publication Attestation Material Language Date Provenance
177187SEG 28 674[found & written]stone Greek BC08 - AD08 Greece, Cyclades - Reneia [found & written]
177188Année épigraphique 2001 1799[found & written]stone Greek BC08 - AD08 Greece, Cyclades - Reneia [found & written]
177417CIL I(2).2.4 3439[found & written]metal (lead) Latin BC02 - BC01 Greece, Cyclades - Reneia [found & written]
178227CIL I(2).2.4 3438[found & written]stone Greek / Latin AD01 Greece, Cyclades - Reneia [found & written]
783231IG XII.6.2 1200[found & written]stone? Greek AD01 Greece, Cyclades - Reneia [found & written]
177442CIL I(2).2.1 2259[found & written]stone Greek / Latin AD02 Greece, Cyclades - Reneia [found & written]